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Object Voices / Honest by Bruno Pieters

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The third episode of #objectvoices by MoMu deals with hot topics in fashion right now, showing the ability of a fashion archive to shed light on the most current issues

Sustainability and ethics in fashion are topics that have rightfully gained more and more attention over the last years. This coat by Honest By perfectly embodies the solution to those topics. Honest By was the world’s first 100% transparent company showing people where materials come from, how much they cost, who made the product, where it was made and how much money everybody earns along the supply chain.

MoMu wants to tackle this problematic and starts with bringing awareness to the younger generation with its interactive lesson pack ‘Clean Clothing: a Deep Dive into Sustainable Fashion’. Young people are already taking an increasingly conscientious approach to fashion judging by the popularity of Instagram stars like @diet_prada – or up-and-coming players like @future__dust – who are holding up a moral mirror to the fashion industry. Gen Z is worried about the condition of our planet, that much is clear. Just look at the climate marches and school strikes that are being held from Brussels all the way to Sydney. 

The lesson pack available for teachers and students in secondary schools encourages all students to become even more aware of their clothing choices through theoretical and practical exercises. MoMu aims to encourage young people to think more creatively and innovatively through brainstorming exercises, hands-on assignments and analyses of their purchasing behaviour.