European Fashion Heritage Association

About Us

Who we are

The European Fashion Heritage Association has been established in 2014, following a successful project co-funded by the European Commission, in which for the first time both public and private archives and museums across Europe gathered together to share online their rich heritage of historical clothing and accessories, contemporary designs, catwalk photographs, drawings, sketches, magazines, catalogues and videos.

Since then, the Association has grown attracting more than 40 European fashion institutions, from small private museums to large national institutions, coming from 14 European countries, united in the objective to unlock and give free access to the unique and vast fashion heritage of Europe. We believe that this growing network we have created will strengthen our European identity and unlock the full potential of our shared fashion heritage for creatives, scholars and fashion lovers alike.

The Association has now become an international hub, in which fashion GLAMs (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums), brands, researchers and creatives can share experiences and best practices in the field of digitisation, online access and valorisation of fashion heritage resources, contributing to the digital transformation in the domain.

The Association operates also in the broader landscape of the European digital cultural heritage, contributing as fashion thematic aggregator to Europeana, Europe’s platform for cultural heritage funded by the European Commission that brings together and gives access to millions of digital heritage objects coming from cultural institutions all across Europe.

Our Mission

“We aim at helping fashion GLAMs and brands to get better value from their cultural heritage assets by opening them up and connecting with new audiences”

We believe that uncovering and sharing the vast wealth of fashion heritage assets stored in public and private museums and archives across Europe will empower these institutions, raising their visibility and prestige; il will also connect them with new audiences, allowing, at the same time, the full exploitation of our shared fashion heritage for work, for study and for fun.

Our core assets

We have created a lively and growing network of fashion heritage institutions and we have built and made freely available the largest and richest digital fashion heritage repository online. These are both our core assets that we have to nurture and valorise.

The network
Since 2014, we have gathered and engaged a thriving network of fashion heritage institutions, professionals, scholars and enthusiasts. This network actually counts more than 40 institutions coming from 14 European countries and includes several heritage professionals and scholars. Our network members represent both public and private institutions, ranging from big public museums to small private ones, and include also brand archives. For a full list of our partners click here.

The digital repository
In collaboration with our network, we have created the largest and richest fashion heritage digital repository actually available online. There we collect and give public access to more than one million high-quality fashion digital objects, ranging from historical dresses to accessories, catwalk photographs, drawings, sketches, videos, and fashion catalogues that can be freely accessed, shared and reused by everybody. We share this wealth of digital fashion heritage assets on Europeana, the pan-European platform for digital cultural heritage that gives access to millions of digital heritage objects coming from cultural institutions across Europe, acting there as the fashion thematic aggregator.

Our impact

“A space where a thriving network of fashion heritage professionals, scholars and enthusiasts can meet, share experiences, learn from each other and have free access to the largest and richest digital repository of fashion heritage online for study, for inspiration or just for fun”