European Fashion Heritage Association

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What we do

The European Fashion Heritage Association (EFHA) is a non-profit international organisation established with the aim to valorise and promote the European fashion heritage worldwide.

The Association operates also as a centre of expertise in the digital fashion heritage domain, promoting best practices on digitisation, cataloguing, online access and valorisation of fashion heritage content.

EFHA is organising every year special events, like international conferences and training workshops with the aim of raising competencies and skills of its members on crucial topics like digital curatorial practices, digitisation, metadata standards and copyrights issues. The Association also regularly applies and supports the participation of its members in new projects and initiatives in the Programmes of the European Commission (e.g. Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, Erasmus+).

EFHA is also running the fashion thematic aggregator for Europeana, supporting fashion institutions across Europe in the publication and curation of their digital content online in the Europeana portal, the European cultural heritage platform, and it has a prominent role in the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum and in the Europeana Network, advocating for open access to digital cultural heritage and actively contributing to the common European data space for cultural heritage.

Why you should join

Both persons and institutions can become members of the European Fashion Heritage Association.
The membership is annual and gives the following benefits:

  • Access to a growing network of fashion heritage professionals, researchers and creatives
  • Free access to all the Association events (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.)
  • Free unlimited support for the publication of digital content in the EFHA and Europeana portal, including the use of our cloud digital repository
  • Promotion of your institutional activities and of your heritage content in all our channels (portal, social media, newsletter)
  • Priority in the involvement in new research initiatives and project proposals

To register just fill in the following form and send it back to [email protected] or just email us for more information. Membership is subject to the approval of the EFHA Board.