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EFHA NEWS: new name, new website, same mission!

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The latest updates about our world: from today the Europeana Fashion International Association changes its name in European Fashion Heritage Association. A new identity, the same mission

It’s official! From today the Europeana Fashion International Association changes its name in European Fashion Heritage Association. A new name, a new identity, but the same mission: “make it easier for fashion GLAMs and brands to get better value from their cultural heritage assets by opening them up and connecting to new audiences”.

We still believe that sharing the vast wealth of fashion heritage assets stored in public and private museums and archives across Europe empowers these institutions, improves their visibility and prestige and connect them with new audiences; at the same time, it allows the full exploitation of our shared fashion heritage for work, for study and for fun. These are the main reasons that will continue to drive our activities and define our scope.

The Association today launches also its new website:

Our website wants to be a space where a thriving network of fashion heritage professionals, scholars and creatives can meet, share experiences, learn from each other and have a specialised access to the largest and richest digital repository of fashion heritage online, daily curated by our editorial team. All the ways in which we manage the archive aim at providing background information and guidance to both professionals but also to fashion lovers or to people simply interested in discovering more about the topic; our goal has always been – and still is, indeed –  to help shaping personal researches of our users and unveiling some of the most interesting gems contained in our repository, often hidden in the width of the archive itself. In all our activities, we will be supported by our Scientific Committee, which will outline the scientific program of the international events that we organise yearly, support us in the definition of project proposals in the framework of the different EC programmes, and advises also about the editorial and curatorial lines.

The Association will also continue to operate as fashion thematic aggregator for Europeana, continuing to publish and enrich high-quality digital fashion content on the Europeana Collections, alongside millions of items from the full range of museums and galleries across Europe, giving the fashion items even greater context and putting fashion heritage in the broader framework of the European cultural heritage, engaging there a larger audience of culture lovers.

But the news are not ending here. Soon, we’re going to announce our forthcoming international conference on “Europe and Fashion: Questioning Identities and Cultures” with an impressive lineup of speakers. To stay tuned and discover more about our activities, subscribe to our newsletter.