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October EFHA Tumblr Curation: Yannis Tseklenis

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A virtual exhibition co-curated with the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation on their upcoming exhibition on the Greek designer

Yannis Tseklenis is one of Greece most prominent designers, that for over 50 years has influenced the national and international scene with his ventures in fashion, art, photography, interior, vehicle and airplanes design. The Peoloponnesian Folklore Foundation and Fougaro The Gallery dedicate Tseklenis’ ouvre a comprehensive exhibition that looks at his tireless production through his fashion and textile creations, from 1965 when he launched his first collection to 1991, when he announced his departure from this industry. Opened on Sunday 7thOctober at Fougaro The Gallery in Naflplion, Greece, the exhibition is open through the 25thNovemeber 2018.

The exhibition displays a selection of Yannis Tseklenis’ creations that include several fabric patterns, photographs, documents, films and rare audiovisual material from the designer’s archive. The pieces come from two donations the designer made to the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation 1997 and 2009 respectively, that enriched the collections of the Foundation significantly with 685 garments and 978 designs and patterns.

Tseklenis’ work spaces from haute couture to prêt-à-porter, his designs recognisable by the strong prints he featured in his collection. As his name is closely associated with the rise and fall of the Greek textile and fashion industry and with the transition from natural to synthetic fibers, Yannis Tseklenis career offers an insight on the history of the country too as it reflects Greece’s crossing from the years of innocence of the 60s to a rougher adulthood where the dream of an era of growing industrialization was dissipated, along with the hope that Greece could play a significant role on the international fashion scene.

While the exhibition will be open at The Fougaro Gallery through the 25thNovember, this October the European Fashion Heritage Association Tumblr will feature a selection of pictures curated by the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation that comprises some of Tseklenis’ amazing pieces from the foundation’s collection. Visit the Tumblr everyday to find a new image from the curation.