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Object Voices / Parisian Couture in a Polish Collection

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Some French gems from the Muzealne Mody collection

The Muzealne Mody collection includes various groups of items, the most important of which are clothes. The collection is dominated by French fashion from the second half of the twentieth century, but there are also outfits belonging to earlier periods.

In general, all the most important Parisian fashion houses are represented in the collection. Among them there are a jacket from the early Jacques Fath’s career (inv. M.PL.0082.01) and a dress from the African haute couture collection by Marc Bohan for the House of Dior (inv. M.PL.0158.01).

However, one of the most valuable item are the one from the runway where they were presented to the public like the ensemble of Jean Patou (designed by Christian Lacroix) from the 1986 summer haute couture collection (inv. M.PL.0024.02) or Torrente wedding gown from the 2004 winter haute couture collection designed by Julien Fournié (inv. M.PL.0089.01).

It is also worth to remember about objects from an earlier period, such as Visité by Emilé Pingat, ca. 1875-80 (M.PL.0212.01), a walking suit from Mme Agnés Mme Havet, ca. 1911 (inv. M.PL.0126.02) or ball shoes, ca. 1837-42, by a later court supplier, Esté (inv. M.PL.0178.03).

Another interesting group of objects are clothing associated with leisure and sports activities from the turn of the twentieth century. A set for a croquet game (inv. M.PL.0014.02), a women pantsuit for traveling or cycling (inv. M.PL.0059.02) or a blouse for cycling (inv. M.PL.0058.01).