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EFHA Focus: Jersey Dress

1970sItalian fashionItalian style

A design by Roberta di Camerino form the 1970s

The image shows a printed polyester jersey dress by designer Giuliana Camerino, founder of the Venetian label Roberta di Camerino.

The dress features the so-called ‘Smoking’ design, portraying a red jacket, white shirt, waistband and red formal trousers. The garment is typical of Roberta di Camerino style, who applied the trompe-l’oeil, a technique usually linked to art, to fashion. She made this technique her signature, experimenting with different patterns and always tricking the eye and playing with the concepts of true and false.

Although she experienced with the design and production of clothes, the bags are the true hit of the brand: they were so widely desired and copied, that di camerino is now credited to be the creator of the ’status bag.’