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‘We Need to Talk about Fashion’ at Modemuseum Hasselt

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Do We Need to Talk about Fashion? Indeed we do!

Hasselt Museum has a new exhibition on: We Need to Talk about Fashion.

Fashion is a big part of our lives. As expression of individuality or belonging to a social group, production and consumption system, push for technological advancement and tool to communicate with others, shape ideals and ideals of beauty, have fun, fashion helps us ready societies and cultures and the connections between different eras and people.

Starting from these assumption, We Need to Talk about Fashion addressed central issues in today’s social discourse, exhibiting a hundred collection items recently acquired by the museum. From Madeleine Vionnet, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garçons to gems that don’t bear a designer name but still teach us something about history and humanity, the display showcases objects to tell stories.

In collaboration with the team at the Hasselt Museum, we will publish some of these stories on our blog. Stay tuned!