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Voices of Fashion at Centraal Museum

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The much-awaited exhibition finally opened in Utrecht

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the much-awaited exhibition Voices of Fashion at Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

The exhibition was curated by Janice Deul, fashion activist and curator, who took part in our EFHA2020 symposium a few months ago, talking about her experience and the urgency she felt in developing a project such as this. The video of her talk can be found on our Vimeo page.

From couture to street style and music, tackling the manufacture and communication sides of fashion, as well as dealing with notions of beauty, the exhibition is ‘a┬ácelebration of black beauty, talent and culture that we hope will provide food for thought and give models and designers the credit they deserve’ as Janice points out, and we could not agree more!

As partner of EFHA, Centraal Museum shared some views of the display – to enjoy the show and reflect on the relevant themes it highlights.