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Silent Resistance

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Tumblr Exhibition Highlight

The objects described in this post are part of the selection made by sudents of the course ‘Curating Fashion: History, Theory & Practice’ at The New School – Parsons Paris. The images are part of the capsule curation ‘Silent Resistance.’ Check out the whole exhibition on our Tumblr.

The excess of the creations coming from Paris has been criticized after France was liberated in 1944. However, the designers in these couture houses argued they were helping the cause by producing such expensive and decadent outfits for Germany so they would indulge in overspending in fashion wasting their resources. It is important to note most of the more eccentric pieces were taken to Berlin and showcased there as shown in the second photograph which depicts German women attired in expensive furs. This showcases the tremendous influence Parisian couture had on the affluent Berlin. The sketch displays a proposed garment which is very voluminous, it uses a vast quantity of fabric and furthermore is made in lace. The expenses necessary to create such a garment would be prohibited in the allied countries but not in Berlin. As such, the creative power of couture kept functioning at full speed during the war in the name of creating extra expenses for the Nazis. (Veillon, Dominique. Fashion under the Occupation. Berg, 2002.)