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Runway Archive: Valentino, Ready-to-Wear Winter 1979-1980

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LBD made for dancing – a moment on the runway captured by Paul van Riel

The image captures a moment of fun on the runway of the Valentino winter 1979-1980 collection. The models are wearing two total-black outfits, composed by an two different ‘little black dresses’, one made of velvet and the other probably of sheer silk, and pointed heels. The two outfit are completed by flamboyant hats and accessories.

The picture shows the two models dancing together: an interesting way to interpret the usual walk down the runway. The freedom and joy the image evokes might seem in contrast with the rather repetitive and rigorous parades at fashion shows. This has probably to do with the fact that the image comes from the show of a ready to wear collection: a different, more accessible line designed by Valentino, quite different from the couture. Through this line, the designer updated his definition of fashion, speaking to a wider audience and proposing another side of his personality to his public.