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Object Voices / ZIGZAG SOLARI

1960sItalian fashionknitwear

The second take on the development of the iconic Missoni Zigzag pattern

In November 1967, Missoni had a runway show at a pool. It was a fashion show/performance organized at the Solari pool in Milan, which was ultra-modern at the time. It was done with professional swimmers and models on designer floats by Quasar, husband of designer Emmanuelle Khanh, who at the time collaborated with Missoni. Rosita Missoni describes what a memorable event it was: “The Solari Pool is like a giant greenhouse in the park. The outside was spectacular; there was a big snow storm and the trees were covered in snow.

The grand finale when the models ended up in the water was also unforgettable. Maria Pezzi describes it in the event in Il Giorno: “The last fashion show of the year was not only one of the most fun, it totally represented the spirit of today’s fashion. There was a cocktail party with all the ingredients: an unusual location, a performance with a good dose of morbidity and references to Marat-Sade, played by healthy actors and actresses that really enjoyed themselves, as well as the presentation of models, materials and new manufacture. Missoni’s knit collectionwas the star, riding on its recent success in Paris”.