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Muzealne Mody on Display: “Alphabet of Fashion” at the Muzeum Historii Ubioru

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An exhibition curated by Piotr Szaradowski on show at the Muzeum Historii Ubioru (The Museum of Historical Costume), Poznan, Poland

Using the entries arranged in alphabetical order, the exhibition “Alphabet of fashion” presents selected issues from the history of women’s fashion of the 20th century. The clothes selected have to do with social, aesthetic and technological themes linked to the social and cultural development that happened during the century, highlighting how fashion played a role in either seizing the zeitgeist or anticipating future needs and desires.


The main curatorial idea was to create a three dimensional, visually attractive dictionary that could show the diversity of fashion, its materials, shapes and styles. For instance: A stands for accessories, D stands for drapery, G stands for geometrical patterns, M stands for mini dress, N stands for New look, P stands for paper dress, T stands for Technology.

Alphabet of Fashion is also a presentation of the study collection “Muzealne Mody”, put together and supervised by Piotr Szaradowski, who selected the objects on display and took care of the accompanying entries explaining the value of each garment and their role in the whole narrative of the exhibition. Muzealne Mody’s collectio is featured in our archive.

The exhibition is on view in the Muzeum Historii Ubioru (The Museum of Historical Costume), Poznan (Poland), from July 4 to November 22 2020. The museum is online with a Website and also on Instagram.