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Meeting Fashion Heritage: Fondazione FILA Museum

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We are thrilled to announce our newest EFHA member: The Fondazione FILA Museum. Here is its introduction, from the viva voce of its team.

Fondazione FILA Museum was founded in 2010 by Mr. Gene Yoon, Chairman of FILA. Its main focus is to preserve and exhibit the brand’s history, from the local origins in Biella to its international reputation in the sphere of sportswear and athletic footwear.

The mission of the Foundation is to safeguard and evolve to the corporate values that have contributed to the birth and growth of the FILA Brand.

The strength of the Foundation lies in its dual function of archive and museum. It combines the needs of preservation and research, also exhibiting the Brand’s historical heritage to the public.

Born in 2012, the museum has been focused on creating a constantly evolving exhibition space, where visitors can learn about FILA’s history from its origins to the present days.

Guests have the opportunity to admire the history of the brand in its entirety. From the relics tied to the original factories to the products worn by the brand’s iconic champions, up to the fashion that has impressed runways since the 1980s.

The exhibition manifests itself through a series of ten rooms, designed to give visitors a hands-on immersive experience while showcasing over 100 years of legend.

The archival collection of the Foundation has several souls: its collection, featuring over 30,000 items, witnesses the evolution of sportswear in the latest decades.

The archive preserves the DNA of a brand that has been able to change according to pivotal historical events. Specifically, it features clothes, shoes, and accessories. An impressive heritage is preserved by using special treatments to avoid deterioration safeguarding every single item for the future.

In addition to these objects the Foundation archives over 300,000 videos, photographs, catalogs, sketches, drawings, and documents.

A tangible memory, an immersive experience to be inspired by. Innovation above Status Quo.

All images are courtesy Fondazione FILA Museum