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Unpublished images from photographer Alice Lucchinelli’s exhibition at Raw Gallery, featuring original clothes from the 1920s

This month, EFHA Tumblr will feature original images from the current exhibition at RAW Streetphoto Gallery in Rotterdam of Dutch / Italian emerging photographer Alice Lucchinelli. The series is called “Lady Clarissa” and was made in London using original clothes from the 1920s.
Here is the statement of the exhibition:

Lady Clarissa’s morning routine is always the same: getting up; selecting the perfect outfit for the day; putting on make‐up; and then commencing the management of the house.

But do not be fooled: even though the house is her personal queendom, she will never be caught in plain clothes or with messy hair. Her house is her reign, her dress is her armour; not made of steel, but of something equally strong and protective: lace.

And in her glorious, polished, empty house she sits, waiting for something or someone to come to her. Always at the ready, always perfectly prepared for any kind of event that can shatter her empire of silence.

Lady Clarissa doesn’t know what might be coming, but in her mind she has envisioned over and over again imaginary conversations with all kind of guests. The more she has played these scenarios in her head, the more they have filled her uneventful daily reality. The house still remains empty, though, and the echoes of her heels are the only sound that disrupts the silence enclosing her.

Alice Lucchinelli is an Italian photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has a very sharp eye for the genre of fashion, which she explores in several kinds of settings and with all kinds of models. She has done several urban shoots in London, bucolic series in the countryside of her native Tuscany, and studio portraits in the Netherlands. She explores the full potential of locations, models and photographic techniques in order to compose a wide portfolio that shows a wide range of interesting subjects and visual elements. She is currently working on an urban project shot in London that explores the penchant for gore.

RAW Streetphoto Gallery, Rotterdam was established in 2016 to foster a new vision of photography as a contemporary art by exhibiting and supporting new and upcoming talents. The artists featured in the past three years have challenged their perspectives regarding the medium of photography and the environment that they chose to portray, in order to produce fresh and daring work. In 2018 a second gallery opened in Tel Aviv (Israel), ideally creating an international bridge connecting Europe and the Middle East.

** The shooting took place at Art Gallery Stanley Picker Gallery, London. The clothes are vintage, from @sams_vintage_choice and Caroline Parkes