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Fashion Balls – Fashion Invades Antwerp

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An amazing project part of Fashion/Conscious taking over Antwerp’s landscape

‘Fashion 2.021 Antwerp – Fashion/Conscious’, the ambitious reopening programme initiated by MoMu Antwerp, also counts an ambitious open-air project, developed together with the fashion students of the prestigious Royal Academy and non-profit organization Kunstenlab.

‘Fashion Balls’ – this the title of the installation, takes over five outdoor locations in the center of Antwerp with colourful balls, for which students designed matching outfits.

All the BA students could design proposals and 10 looks were selected from the sketches to be implemented by Rosalinde Heerkens and Aurélie Callewaert of the Antwerp pattern studio Trois-Quarts. Walter Van Beirendonck, Head of the Fashion Department, came up with the idea and concept for this fashion landmark in the city at the request of MoMu. The project includes a performance section where the balls will be displayed in one place, the De Gerlachekaai. Director and photographer Bjorn Tagemose also worked on a film where the balls come to life: a spectacle in motion.

We made it interactive and hope that everyone will be stimulated to take selfies with the city as a backdrop this way. It’s a project that’s very accessible – that’s why we made the ‘Fashion Balls’ in all kinds of sizes. This project will appeal to both international fashion fans and casual passers-by to take part. Walter Van Beirendonck, Head of the Fashion Department