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EFHA Focus: Nude Sandal


A model designed by André Perugia, 1952

The image shows a sandal designed by André Perugia, one of the most celebrated shoe designers of the 20th century.

The sandal is made of light blue and white kid leather with beige stitches. The heel is in white, and the sole is black. The upper consists of tangle of stripes and opens on the heel with a buckle.

André Perugia was born in Nice in 1898. Son of an Italian shoemaker, he learned his trade from his father and showed his first creations in one of Nice most luxurious hotel, the ‘Negresco’. There his talent had the chance to be noticed by the rich guests who not only bought his first models, but introduced him to the world of French couture. André Perugia was welcomed into that world by Paul Poiret, with whom he collaborated. In 1921 Perugia opened his shop in Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris, and his new clients comprised actresses Pola Nigri and the diva Josephin Baker, as well as many Hollywood actresses. Beside Paul Poiret, he collaborated with many couturies, most notably Elsa Schiaparelli, who shared his enthusiasm for Surrealism. His career lasted over sixty years, until his retirement in 1965.