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European Culture Forum 2017

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EFHA take on the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage

Europeana Fashion joins the celebrations of the European Year of Cultural Heritage this 2018 alongside the major European institutions to reflect upon its rich and diverse heritage.

On December 7th, Europeana Fashion took part at the latest European Culture Forum during which was presented the European Year of Cultural Heritage at Superstudio in Milan, a project that involved the major Europeana Institutions throughout 2018 to celebrate the European heritage in its many forms.

In line with the aims of the upcoming Year of Cultural Heritage, Europeana Fashion goals are to give a free access to the archives and collections of European fashion institutions, and to share and inform a wider number of people interested in fashion, costume and decorative arts. In addition, in collaboration with the The NEw School – Parsons Paris’ students, Europeana Fashion reflected upon the meaning and the history of Europe through its archive, inviting the students to curate three digital exhibitions – which were called ‘capsule curations’ – on show on our Tumblr. In a moment now in which the very concept of Europe is being questioned and redefined, to share and celebrate the varied heritage and culture is an essential base for a reflection on what it means to belong to a common European space.

For more information about the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the events related visit: